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November 05, 2011

Toss, donate or re-use?

I think because we have kids now i see things so differently.
This item seems important to me now.

This would be a nice rainy day project for us...

Another lovely idea.

Well, most wouldn't toss a mason jar. i love reusing them for snacks,
jam, flowers, etc...but this is pretty cool.


Again, not garbage, but maybe a give away? Genius use of a crib!

Professional help required. Inheriting old luggage from my grandparents/parents
home and this would be an interesting task.

This i can handle. (get it?)

October 30, 2011

Stuff can be pretty

We live in a world of stuff. Well, i do anyway. Sometimes stuff isn't pretty so it gets shoved in a drawer or cabinet. How nice to see stuff can be exposed, orderly and sometimes pretty.

Lately i have been consumed with cans. My dad is restricted to a liquid diet in a can. Nice to see there are a few ways to store a can and a way to recycle a can.

Well, it doesn't hurt that the chairs are amazing, and the contents on the shelf are color coordinated. I collect magazines (unintentionally) and there really isn't a way for them to look nice...except this looks pretty stylish.

Speaking of fashion, how easy is this? Never lose an earring again...

October 16, 2011

Pretty in it's place

It can be a challenge to store things out in the open. More often than not, it's best to avoid the clutter and put it away. Although if done right, it can be a delight to see.


There's so much going on, but for some reason, it all comes together.

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